an ai game. maybe.

building an ai

quick start


# if you were here last week
cd dmangame && git pull
cd dmanai && git pull

# otherwise, download the engine
git clone
cd dmangame/

# download more AIs, this will download AIs from
# okayzed's dmanai repository.
git clone
grep -Rl AIClass * # Prints a list of files with AI in them

python --hl dmanai/basic/ -o search.html
# open search.html


ai = artificial intelligence.

where would a human start?





capturing / attack

ai patterns

individual intelligence

what's good for me is good for yuo

KillNCapture vs BasePatroller

    python \
      ai/ \
      ai/ \
      -m maps/r/ \
      -o k_v_b.html -cn

hive intelligence

one mind controlling many

ExpandThenSearch vs RushAI

python \
  dmanai/bob/ \
  dmanai/okay/ \
  -o expand_v_rush.html -cn

organizational intelligence

(companies run themselves this way)

Worksmarter vs. StarterAI

python \
  --hl behindcurtain3:wedge/ \
  dmanai/basic/ \
  -o expand_v_rush.html -cn

geometric intelligence

honeycombs, circles & lines - oh my

ClockAI vs. CircleBlaster

python \
  dmanai/okay/ dmanai/okay/ \
  -o circle_vs_clock.html -cn

class assignments

a) improve the exploration code

b) write a strategy module (and share it)

vim dmanai/basic/
vim dmanai/basic/

alright already - stop tlaking

look here for news, tutorials, APIs, feedback, etc