an ai game. maybe.

RushAI vs. ExpandThenSearch


jumping in with code


  # download the engine
  git clone
  cd dmangame/

  # download more AIs, this will download AIs from 
  # okayzed's dmanai repository.
  git clone
  grep -Rl AIClass * # Prints a list of files with AI in them

  # no one will win this game.
  python --hl dmanai/basic/ ai/

  # make SearchAI win
  vim dmanai/basic/

interacting with the world

units (move) around the map,
(shoot) bullets at other units
and (capture) buildings.

taking the world in

AIs and units can see their visible_buildings and visible_enemies.

Every turn, each AI is informed of its new_units, dead_units, new_buildings and lost_buildings.

The AI also knows about my_units and my_buildings

where you come in

import logging
log = logging.getLogger(AIClass)

class SimpleAI(ai.AI):
    def _init(self):"Initializing: Current Turn: %s",
    def _spin(self):"My visible units:%s", self.my_units)"My visible enemies:%s", self.visible_enemies)

    def _unit_died(self, unit):"%s died", unit)

    def _unit_spawned(self, unit):"Received a new unit: %s", unit)


be social

fork the dmanai repository
& push your AI to github

      # register a user on github
# fork the dmanai repository

# play against any AI on github, using
python <github_user>:username/ 

be competitive

register your AI to play in the dmangame ladder

# In username/
class MyAI(ai.AI):
  def _spin(self):


git add username/
git commit -m "Adding my AI to the ladder"
python -r <github_user>:username/ 

the ladder


alright already - stop tlaking

look here for news, tutorials, APIs, feedback, etc